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Welcome to Derby Manager. The game is currently being upgraded and will be available sometime in 2023. Join our Discord community to stay in the loop.

An authentic football manager

Your team. Your road. Your victory.

Derby Manager is a browser based multiplayer game where you can live out your dream and lead the best teams on their path to glory. Recruit staff, transfer players, and climb the ladder all the way to Champions Cup trophy. Jump into a persistent football world and make a name for yourself.

Coffee break game

Build a team worth talking about.

Derby Manager is intuitive and easy to understand, yet hard to master. The game focuses on simplicity, strategy, and community to bring a streamlined gaming experience in a completely free to play environment. You can spend just 5 minutes a day to run your club, but the depth of the game will keep you hooked for so much more.

Join our growing community

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

The game is full of both real and AI managers fighting for trophies! Matches are played daily and derby wins are your only way to success. Every match and trophy is recorded for history as a testament to your glory.